Ingress Glyph Game Trains Your Memory

Ingress GlyphThe most exciting Ingress feature introduced recently is the Glyph game. I am sure, most of you have already tried playing it. For those, who just joined Ingress Enlightened or Resistance forces, here is a short explanation.

If you press and hold “HACK” button, then special screen pops up with dots. Then Glyphs start to flash and you have a limited time to repeat all these figures afterwards. The more Glyphs you do, the more extra items you get by hacking. Also, there is a special bonus if you are really fast.

Number of Glyphs depends on the level of the portal and I also noticed that complexity has a correlation with the portal ownership – your faction portals tend to have easier figures to guess.

After playing a while you gain experience and many Glyphs become familiar (moreover, they have different Ingress related meaning). So, in other words, you get your brain fit and memory trained. Nice idea, Niantic!