Ingress Teases Agents With New Levels

Ingress New LevelsMost likely we will see new levels in the Ingress game soon. As you know, currently there are 8 levels only and it is not so hard for a dedicated player to achieve L8. Also there are badges to get.

Now, new Scanner update has been dissected by enthusiasts and the following info revealed. Here you go: Ingress 9-16 levels for the mightiest Agents!

As you can see, not only AP needed to get a new “star”, but also badges should be earned. So, good luck on the war field! Small extra evidence — Agent Avatar now has small black sections on the inner circle (similar to those on the outer, which indicate player’s Level). Seems they will be filled in, if user achieves L9-L16.

I bet, Niantic has put clues into APK by purpose, knowing how players are well trained by all these Passcodes puzzles. And I wonder, how many L16 there are theoretically at the moment? If any, of course 🙂