Ingress Missions Available

Ingress Missions

Ingress Missions

It has been a month already, since Ingress game got Missions. This has been asked for ages and finally we have something to play with.

Basically, Missions allow you to explore the location by following the route and performing Hacks, Captures, throw Links, install Mods along way. Sometimes you just want to add some sense to the game and while there is no any global event, like Helios, you can still perform some actions and not just capture / recapture. Also, this is very useful for new Agents as Missions principles are based on the official good old Tutorial and can train newbies to be more effective.

The wonderful thing is that Missions can be created and submitted by Ingress players themselves. Eventually, new game feature is encouraging not only for new Agents but for old experienced ones as well.

Now, grab your Android or iPhone smartphone (or tablet) and go for a fresh air breathe! Combine a bit of a physical activity with the assistance to your team.