Google Glasses Breakthrough

Google Glasses is an innovative device, which will revolutionize the way we interact with the real world, Web and each other. Basically, it is just a smartphone, built in the glasses.

Picture is transmitted right into your eye, allowing you to view both real and digital world at the same time. Another cool name is Project Glass, though seems most people have not accepted it.

Google Glasses on Sergey Brin

Now, what is known by today? Concept is designed and build by mysterious Google X Lab. Guys behind it are also responsible for different futuristic projects, like self-driven cars, neural networks etc.

Computer is hidden in one of the earpieces and a small projector transmits light beams into your eye. Later versions will allow Glasses to be attached to your normal ones in case you wear those. Control is either by voice, sensor panel on the earpiece or, as latest videos show, by eye movements. System is able to track area in virtual space, which you are looking at, and execute that icon or command. Pretty much the same logic as used for an ordinary mouse pointer. And, of course, it will be able to record everything around you. Silent camera for still and video shots.

Google I/O developers will have a joy to try it in early 2013, while consumer version is planned to be released only in a year from now. Long time to wait, but I am sure, Android developers will spend it profitably, polishing the UI.

Mass production of these devices will definitely change our world and the way we interact with it.

Mass production of these devices will definitely change our world and the way we interact with it. And at the same time it is unavoidable as our technological evolvement require closer integration with communication tools. Is it good or bad?

In the coming posts I will try to outline advantages and disadvantages of this upcoming piece of technology. Probably, will even create a new section, dedicated to it. It will be the most prominent symbol of the augmented reality around us.