Ingress Scanner Update Brings Badges And Stats

Ingress StatsNew Ingress scanner update is coming and this time it is really interesting.

Niantic decided to include to long-awaited features — Badges and User Stats.

Badges are given to you, when you perform some activity. Apparently, this is same as in many other games. Sadly, Ingress ones are quite simple at the moment. Only basic achievements can be reflected in the badges:

Submitted New Portal, Deployed Resonators, Linked Portals, Created Fields, Hacked Portals, Destroyed Enemy Portals, Visited and Hacked Remote Portals. As you can see, all pretty boring, but can encourage new players to play more. Interesting, what Remote Portals are? Remote from the city? This one seems pretty cool.

Stats will show your activity for All Time, Month and Week separately and contain all related actions, like hacking, resonator placing, destroying enemy portals etc. Something to be proud off and compare with each other. I am surprised, why no sharing to Facebook and Twitter yet 🙂 Anyway, can motivate some players to play more as well.

Interesting field there — “Max time portal held”. Very nice idea, but it is a team work, so many other agents help to defence “your” portal. Also, will be good to know, whether All Stats will show all your previous activity retrospectively. What do you think?

Let’s wait for an Ingress Scanner update and test it.