Making Ingress Better – Part 2

I was pleasantly overwhelmed by positive discussions in comments of the first post, Google Plus page and Decode Ingress page.

I’ve heard lots of very interesting ideas, which only show that there is a big group of enthusiastic people, who really wish to make Ingress better.

I will sort all suggestions and include them in my series of posts on this topic and will contact Niantic Labs to let them know of your concerns.

So, let’s continue:




Ingress LinksAnd without lags 🙂 Sorry for Caps Lock, I was frustrated. No, really, is it so hard to implement?

There is such functionality already (remember map, when you try to link something?), why not add it in the menu to use along with that fancy 3D field map? Highly anticipated enhancement.

Just imagine – zoom out field map, it smoothly transforms to the Intel style 3D and shows you the whole area around. Super.

I personally believe, it will be included as there is absolutely no reason for not doing so.

UPDATE from 02.02: Intel Map is now optimized for mobile devices as well.

Seems our prayers were heard. It is still not so smooth as could be and you still need to switch to browser, but anyway, thanks, Niantic!


4) Switch off screen, while collecting XM.


Ingress Screen StandbyThis is ridiculous, to be honest. Not only it drains battery, it also shortens the life of blue pixels on non-Pentile AMOLED screens (like the one on Samsung Galaxy S 2).

Here is a good news, as I just came across a nice app, which really ROCKS. It is called Screen Standby, needs rooted devices and has very broad set of settings.

I am using now the following settings -> Proximity sensor triggering, then Extra Settings -> Use two-stage screen off (to first start this program, then start Ingress and then “activate screen off” mode) and Wake lock (to prevent screen going to sleep).

The only downside I found is that touchscreen still active, so try not to press anything. There is an option to block the touchscreen, but it will be blocked till software is running. It will be annoying to start/stop it all the time.

At the same time it is a workaround. Would be great to have this option in Ingress app itself.

To be continued…