Sony Steps In Glass War With Own HMD Device

If you don’t like Google much or afraid of their dominant position on the market, then you will be pleased to know that not only Google works on augmented glasses project.

You have already read about Olympus concept. And now there is a patent from Sony describing similar device, which is called there “head-mounted display (HMD) apparatus”

Sony Augmented Glasses


Let’s look at the key points.

The main difference I see — there are two displays behind the glasses’ lenses. These are movable, so that you could adjust and fine tune according to your preference. Earplugs are probably traditional, not bone conduction audio, which Google Glass will have.

At the same time, Sony is a hi-tech company with a rich history and lots of resources, so pretty sure they will add some innovation into this emerging topic.

Device will display 2D content, though I think is enough. Imagine 3D Avatar movie while you are walking across the street. A bit distracting 🙂

Unfortunately, no other info available regarding technical specifications, but I bet we won’t wait for long.

HMD Glass topic becomes more and more popular, so Google’s competitors definitely do not want to be left aside. It is time to jump the train or to be left on the platform.