Google Glass For The Lucky Ones

Now, you can be a lucky owner of the first Google Glass prototypes. Yes, it is a new milestone for this project and be prepared.

You need to fulfill 4 requirements:

  • Be a US resident (I believe, most readers of this blog are from US)
  • Be ready to spend $1500 (plus tax) — reasonable price for becoming one of the first testers
  • Convince Google that you are the right person. This one is tricky, see instructions below.
  • Be able to attend Google Glass event in either New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Google Glass Translate

Ok, what’s needed to become the lucky one? Write a short story (not more than 50 words) in Google+ or Twitter (no Facebook, ha-ha!) using hashtag #ifihadglass explaining what you would do if you had Glass. Simple as that. Also, you can attach up to 5 photos and 15 sec video, if you want.

Hopefully, you are older than 18 years 🙂 Hurry up as deadline is 27th of February.

All the information is available now at the official (and very cool) webpage — Google Glass Official. Be sure to check an awesome video, demonstrating current possibilities like taking pics and videos by voice, checking directions, weather, info, googling for anything you want, showing live picture to your friends (jumping with a parachute!!) etc.

Consumer version should be available around beginning of 2014 (damn too long to wait).

Already now it is awesome.

I need one.