Google Glass Hands-On Experience

Are you ready for future? For Google Glass? Hope, some of you took a chance to get their Glass by participating in the contest.

The Verge journal published a remarkable “hands-on” testing of Google Glass by Joshua Topolsky. There are both experience described in the article as well as video. This is particularly interesting as now it is not a polished marketing teaser, but an actual opinion of a very judicial columnist.

And he met with the most important Google Glass employees — Product Director and Chief Designer.

The idea behind Glass is very simple. You cannot avoid using modern gadgets, but it results in “living” inside them. You do not belong to reality anymore, you are in smartphone now. Goal is to make interaction as smooth as possible without distracting you from the beauty of the world around.

Joshua even asks, — “Isn’t it weird that to become more “human” we need to augment with Glass?”. Yes, that’s the paradox.

Google Glass Sunglasses

There will be different colors to match your personality, some parts will be detachable (probably, to change colors easily). Cooperation with fashion companies like Ray-Ban can be a possibility. Google Glass device needs to be not only perfect in technical sense, but also appealing as an accessory. It should be attractive as it will be placed on the “strategically important” part of our body — the face.

Version for normal prescription glasses is also on its way. Additionally, you are able to attach a “sunglasses” lens to Google Glass and it becomes even more stylish.

Joshua admits that walking around is simply awesome and adds the whole new layer of reality. I strongly encourage you to read and then check the video.

By the way, just got information that there are already some widely used apps ported to Glass. For example, Gmail and Evernote. And this is only the beginning.

The picture, which illustrates emotions, is simply this one:

Google Glass Take My Money

YouTube comments rock. Pranksters want to approach people on the street, scream some commands and then run away 🙂