HackIngress – New Ingress Intel Map?

Update 03/06/13: As HackIngress is not live yet, try Ingress Total Conversion script. It has many useful functions that turn original Intel map to a superweapon.


Ingress gamers have probably noticed that there is a mysterious website appeared – HackIngress. It has a countdown message probably just to boil the expectations 🙂 6 days is left for something.. BIG? There is a commented CSS code on this page which gives some clue:

I have bypassed the Niantic Mainframe and have begun a subnet for much improved OPS. As I am ambivalent toward any faction, these tools will help all agents in reverse-engineering these shaper technologies. The NIA will invariably try to shut this down, but I have established numerous exit and entrance nodes within a private TOR in the background. NGOs will not shut me down. Stand by for further instructions and more information.

And then it was updated by:

My identity is compromised, but it is inconsequential. Who I am is irrelevant; the cause will proceed as planned. Niantic withholds, from both factions, the necessary tools to reveal the shaper purpose. Agents need better methods and utilities to accelerate our understanding of their intent and purpose. There will be no knockdown.

Looks like website will contain more advanced version of Ingress Intel map. And… here is some evidence! If screenshots are not faked, then they show us some new options like Total Fields, Total Portals, Link Distance and Portal Key availability.

Not sure about Total Portals and Fields, though. Probably, number of those for the given area? Click for a full size

HackIngress Map 4   HackIngress Map 3
HackIngress Map 1   HackIngress Map 2

Question – is it a new turn on the whole Niantic puzzle or some talented guy(s) has found a way to drastically improve user interface and the list of available options for Intel web map?

Anyway, this update is very long-awaited by many players. I will post later a list of all bugs and possible enhancements (marked by myself), which could be done by Google to improve this game.