Ingress Intel Total Conversion

Despite HackIngress website is not live yet, we should not be frustrated. There is another solution exists — JavaScript, which transforms your ordinary Ingress Intel map to something completely different.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome — Ingress Intel Total Conversion Script. What can I say? Only “How did we play before?” 🙂

Update 23/03/13: IITC is open source project now, for details read here

It is much faster, has a lot of useful options and there are also additional plugins available to expand its functionality even further.

Especially, I like:

  • Loading speed — blazing fast
  • Different options for map terrain — multiple Google and OSM maps
  • Chat is filtered now — Full and Compact tabs for “technical” data and Public / Faction for chat itself
  • You can filter to show portals with only those levels you want (though you still can’t show low level portals when zoomed out too much)
  • Zoom in and you will see exact resonators positions. Amazing, isn’t it?
  • Shows radius of theoretical link, which is possible to create from this portal
  • Computes how much AP you get by destroying this portal and then capturing it

 Ingress Intel Total Conversion Closeup

Now, there are also some useful plugins:

  • “Portal health” plugin shows those, which are decaying or just without shields. Great for attack planning.
  • AP gain calculation for all portals in given area.
  • Drawing tools to plan your walks.
  • Player tracker — draws trails for user actions in the last hour. If you want to predict enemy’s moves quickly

In overall, this what you have to install right now. There are instructions for Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers. Also, it is being developed further, so remember to check from time to time and don’t forget about “plugins” section of that website.