Samsung Galaxy S4 Augmented Features

There was a huge presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 device. This blog is not really about all these mobile gadgets; there are plenty of such websites on the Internet. But there are couple of interesting augmented features I noticed.

Actually four, to be more precise. Two of them track your eyes: Smart Pause puts video on pause, when you stop watching it and Smart Scroll will scroll webpage or a book, when you look at the bottom of the screen.

Other two track gestures. Air Gesture “sees” hand movements and allows to show next pic from the gallery, for example. Air View shows letter contents, when you just point finger at the header (without even touching the screen). Same for thumbnails in gallery.

Small enhancements, but they are those small bricks that bring closer augmented future and seamless interaction with gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Scroll