Making Ingress Better – Part 4

Fouth post concluding your suggestions of how to make Ingress better. Got some interesting feedback to share. Previous are here, here and here.


Ingress App Inventory

9) Ingress mobile app


  • Come on! It is so awkward, everything is messed up. Thanks God, we have at least a basic filter, but this is clearly not enough. Here are some ideas:
  • Portal keys should be filtered by Own faction / Enemy Faction / Neutral. Passkeys are used to recharge and link, I do not care about those which do not belong to me at the moment. I am just wasting my time going into it and checking, whether I am able to recharge or not.
  • Portal keys should have indication of portal level charge. Again, I want to pick up those, which really need my precious XM, right? 🙂
  • You should be able to trade not needed Resonators and XMPs for the ones you need between own faction’s members or/and with system. Exchange rates can be established, for example, 5 * XMP L1 for 1 * XMP L2. Exchange can be done in person via NFC chipsets (many smartphones already have it). This ensures that game’s “socializing aspect” is still kept. Also, this became important when the 2000 limitation was introduced.
  • Auto-hack. This is a bit contradictory as makes Agents’ life easier. But logic is simple: many people hack nearby portals while driving and trying to do it at the same time could lead to car accidents. Yes, their own fault, but I still hope Google introduces this feature.


10) Notifications


Suggestions include:

  • Notification of the attack. Currently, notification is sent only if resonator is already dead. Something like “Hello, your entity is destroyed, enjoy your meal!”. While you still can try to switch on Ingress and recharge left resonators, in most cases, it is already useless.. So, there should be an option to request notification every time there is an XMP blast around.
  • Sound / vibration notifications for COMM chat. Some users find it useful, why not?
  •  Widgets for mobile desktop. These can include current XM level, AP, MU controlled in given area, etc. Can be an issue with server load, but anyway worth mentioning.


To be continued…