Ingress Demographic Survey

Ingress game becomes more and more popular. For some weird reason it is still beta (for more than 2 month now), but it is not very hard to get an activation key if you really want it. Try to submit more than one email on Ingress website and cooperate with your friends if anyone receives more than one.

There are numerous Google+ and Facebook communities, IRC chats and so on, where codes pop up form time to time. Usually, you are required to solve some kind of puzzle and sometimes they are very easy. Also, artworks can bring attention and one of Niantic folks can send you access.

And still number of players is already high enough to perform a distributed survey and here are results for 1,572 people. For example, check these ones, which look quite interesting:

  • 88% have seen places they wouldn’t have seen otherwise
  • 74% of people had met fellow players in real life
  • 29% made new friends
  • 74% have driven their cars (not very environmentally friendly game đŸ™‚ )
  • 2% conducted air travel (!!)
  • 5% cheated in one or another way
  • 46% used spare battery. Continuous 3G + GPS + screen on = battery drains faster than Superman flies.
  • 16% bought a new device to play. Yes, game can be played on older devices, but often lags.

Full survey can be read here – The Demographics of Ingress. Plenty of data, but charts are easy to understand. There is a link to the raw dataset to make own graphs and charts as well.

Wondering, if there is an iPhone version planned anytime in the future? I’ve heard that many happy Apple fans are not so happy anymore, as world goes crazy and they simply cannot.

Ingress Iphone

Time to grab an Android smartphone and choose your side wisely. Enlightened or Resistance?