Sergey Brin Wearing Google Glasses In Subway

Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, has been spotted in the New York subway, wearing Google Glasses. Lucky guy, who recognized Brin, was Noah Zerkin, another augmented reality enthusiast (what a coincidence!).

He snapped a photo and managed to have a little talk. Looks like Sergey is getting used to his new device, though currently, specs are quite limited. Plus, this photo is now famous around the world and creates needed buzz.

There are more Googlers, wearing Glasses in their everyday life. I can only imagine, how much attention it usually attracts.

At the same time people around Sergey do not seem to be interested in him. Ok, they might know betterĀ face of the Justin Bieber, but a cool techy device without glasses? Probably, they thought it was some medical stuff and did not want to look impolite?

Sergey Brin Subway Google Glasses