Ingress Conversion Script Is Open Source Now

As you have probably already heard, Ingress Intel Total Conversion script development has been shut down as it violated Google TOS.

Amazing. I would hire that guy (Stefan Breunig) to Niantic Labs straight away, but they forced him to shut the project down? The plugin, which was extremely popular and far more advanced than the original map.

But good news is that project is still alive! It is now in open source phase and latest updates can be found here.

Ingress Intel Total Conversion Open-Source


Of course, Niantic can think of something else to block the data flow, though this can be difficult as plugin works on the client side and just transforms information in a different way. In other words, data for all these awesome features is already coming from Niantic servers, but is not implemented in the original Intel map yet.

Probably, Google just wants to slowly roll these features out, but it is still not an excuse to ignore and bull the creator of such a useful plugin. I believe, this contradicts with Google’s promotion of open-source and transparency (take Android system, for example).