Making Ingress Better – Part 5

Some time has passed and Ingress game got many valuable enhancements. Power Cubes full of precious XM, new mighty shields, 5 new mods and so on.

Previous are here, here, here and here

But we still can help Niantic to make it even better by providing feedback and ideas.

11) Pickle XM to Power Cubes


Power Cubes are great, especially as new mods and shields strike you hard and your inventory can be drained quickly.

And I believe, many of you wondered, why can’t we pack excessive XM for future use, while walking in a high XM density area? In other words, create own Power Cubes as a preparation for a battle. This seems very logical and helps to balance fighting with those new +30 mitigation Shields and Force Amps.

Ingress XM

12) Personal Mod to increase scanner radius


This could be a nice option. Rare mod with a limited time of usage that could increase your app radius, say in 1.5 times. This allows you to hack more portals around you and to place resonators even further from the portal.


13) Augmented reality via camera gameplay


Something I do not believe will be done soon, but still my personal thoughts.

When I first saw Ingress trailer I first thought about Layar style application. You point camera on a historic monument and App shows animation around it. In my opinion, this is augmented reality, which eliminates the distinction between the objects and virtual world. This requires brand new 3D animations and new interface.

And to be honest, using camera is not so convenient, though building this ideas into Google Glasses will be amazing.