Ingress Ultra Strike Burster Mod To Target Resonators

Ingress Ultra StrikeNew limited Ingress Mod appeared recently for some selected users to test.

It is called an “Ultra Strike” and it is capable of focusing strike power presicely on the needed resonator. So, in other words it is a personal Mod – kind of XMP burster. There is not much information on how it works in detail, though already know that it will be graded by Levels (like XMPs) not by Rareness (like Mods).

Its significance is hard to underestimate. Say, you have a portal on a busy street and one of the resonators is therefore placed inside the building. L8 resonator + Very Rare Shield + Turret + Force Amp make this battle a real challenge.

As Niantic is constantly trying to balance the game, then these Ultra Strike Mods are aiming to improve the situation.