Olympus HMD Earlier Than Google Glass

More and more people find out about Google Glass. But let’s be honest, Google was not the first one to present similar concept to the public. While I also do not know, who was the first, here are some pictures from the 2010 by Olympus.

Yes, something similar to MEG4 glasses, but in a more stylish form, I bet.

Japanese mobile phone carrier NTT Docomo and Olympus presented this device at the Ceatec event. I really like the design.

Olympus HMD

I don’t have exact specs of it, but at least it had acceleration and direction sensors 🙂 For example, you could look up and see the weather forecast. Pretty neat. Wonder, if MEG4 was a direct development of these glasses? MEG4 design is not so appealing, though.

Olympus HMD Glass

Actually, there was even a 2008 year model, but it was quite heavy. Around 91 grams, opposed to 10-20 of the normal glasses weight.

As a bonus, another concept from that conference, which has two displays. Manufacturer is a Japanese company Scalar. Playing Ingress would be much more fun with these.

HMD Scalar