Ingress April Hangout With Niantic

Another Ingress Hangout with Niantic employees has occurred recently. As you remember, the previous one revealed many interesting facts about the game and its future development.

Ingress Hangout April

This one is no difference, check out some of the most interesting points.

  • Ambitious plan to have 1 billion gamers. Way too much, I think 🙂
  • Social networks are closely monitored for valuable ideas. Keep posting with corresponding hashtags.
  • IITC related AP discrimination does not exist. But Niantic still discourages users from TOS violations.
  • API is on its way. It will have option to create custom missions (eagerly waiting for this).
  • Balancing is still being calibrated to ensure that game stays exciting for both factions in all areas.
  • No iOS at the moment, will take quite some time.
  • Local MU score is on its way. There is really no need for global as no one cares.
  • Niantic considers some role-play options for the Ingress. Different roles, which can include fighters, defenders, farmers etc. My thought — this should be changeable after some period of time or anytime.
  • Idea of exchanging items is also quite strong. Probably, via NFC or some other way?
  • NFC based missions — link players for some period of time to collaborate.
  • Niantic is not really Google. They work independently, using Google’s resources and support.
  • NIA is an actual US agency and government was questioning Niantic on “what the hell you’re doing there??” 🙂

Just to remind that there should be extra invites available for L2+ users and current waiting time for email invite is around 3 weeks.