Ingress Portal Attack Simulator

Those of you playing Ingress game probably want to build a better strategy, while attacking bunch of enemy portals, don’t you?

There is a special web tool, which makes it quite easy to plan future attacks and simulate the results of using XMPs. It is called IPAS – Ingress Portal Attack Simulator and is totally web-based application.

There are huge customization options. You can set each individual resonator, place its location around the portal, put shields, if any. Then choose XMP, place “yourself” in the field and fire!

The result will be calculated for both Portal Health and Resonator percentage. Multiple formulas can be used for the result, though I am not sure, which one is the most realistic.

Another interesting feature is the heatmap for the chosen XMP. It shows the damage area and colors it according to the radius around your firing position.

The only thing this application lacks, IMHO, is the calculation of player’s XM energy level. As you know, firing XMPs costs you XM and the higher XMPs the more energy it consumes. This can be critical in the field.

But it is already a valuable tool for every serious player, whether you are Enlightened or from the Resistance.

Ingress Portal Attack Simulator