Google Glass Banned In Seattle Bar

Google Glass will definitely face huge resistance from some groups of people, who are afraid of the privacy.

In my opinion, danger is a bit exaggerated. Michael Bloomberg, mayor of the New York city, said recently that surveillance cameras will be placed on autonomous drones, flying around. And he gave advise: “Just get used to it!”. Even now it is easy to get everything about you by checking you phone cell data, credit card usage and your own public tags — Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook.

So, we are watched more and more, no big issue if someone also makes a photo of you. But drones do not post their pics on Facebook for all to see (yet 🙂 how drunk you were last night :). And this is the main concern – not everyone want their pictures to be publicly available on the web.

By the way, Facebook is testing their feature of face auto-recognition. You will be able to remove tag, but there can be lots of views before you do that.

Bar in Seattle (ok, this is more marketing thing than real protest, so here is the name — The 5 Point Cafe) already banned Google Glass proactively in their premises. They say, people visit them to have fun and not be afraid of someone making pictures of them. Reasonable.

Google Glass Banned

I predict, this type of places, where “Google Glass” style devices are banned, will be quite popular in the beginning. And I still wonder, how long will it take for people to get used to Google Glass and stop being afraid of a, so called, “Facebook eye“, watching their every step?

My opinion, this will be soon. Even now you can grab a smartphone and make a discredit picture quite quickly. Why don’t you do it all the time? Because it is dirty. Google Glass makes it easier, but reasons for not using it for shooting inappropriate pictures and videos are the same.

So, would you take Google Glass off or just find another bar?