New Ingress Mod Restrictions

Ingress Mod RestrictionAs you probably know, logic for adding Mods in the Ingress game now changed.

You can get 125AP now for placing one Mod (there was AP reward long time ago, but it was removed after abusive activity from some players), but at the same time can only place two per portal and cannot remove them at all.

This seems logical, though makes rural players to struggle, as they will have hard times shielding all their portals. Anyway, Niantic still tries to find the best balance and we can only welcome their efforts.

Also, I believe, some game rules will be changed all the time to match the main Shapers story, published by Chapeau.

Google Glass Welcome Here

I just wrote about Hi-Tech way of hiding from Google Glass and now found this picture in the Internet.

One of the bars in Virginia has put such billboard allowing Google Glass users and even welcoming them. What a wise move! 🙂

You can be seen very modern and social if you decide to allow this kind of devices in your venue, so do not lose the opportunity.

Budweiser already got the point.

Google Glass Welcome Here


Hide Your Face From Google Glass

There are some people who are afraid of the upcoming era of Google Glass. While most of us understand that this is the future, whether you like it or not, others try to resist.

Venue owners block access, like that famous Seattle bar owner or those managing casinos and cinemas. Now, Hi-Tech has reached this field as well.

Google Glass Block

Japanese researchers developed special “antiglass“. It emits IR light, which is invisible for the human eye, but perfectly captured by camera devices like Google Glass. The result is on the picture: it is much harder to track your face now, surrounded by bright spotlights.

No production date available, as this is a concept only (looks ugly, by the way). I believe, not many paranoid citizens will buy it, though have to admit that idea and realization is quite remarkable.

Ingress Ultra Strike Burster Mod To Target Resonators

Ingress Ultra StrikeNew limited Ingress Mod appeared recently for some selected users to test.

It is called an “Ultra Strike” and it is capable of focusing strike power presicely on the needed resonator. So, in other words it is a personal Mod – kind of XMP burster. There is not much information on how it works in detail, though already know that it will be graded by Levels (like XMPs) not by Rareness (like Mods).

Its significance is hard to underestimate. Say, you have a portal on a busy street and one of the resonators is therefore placed inside the building. L8 resonator + Very Rare Shield + Turret + Force Amp make this battle a real challenge.

As Niantic is constantly trying to balance the game, then these Ultra Strike Mods are aiming to improve the situation.


Making Ingress Better – Part 5

Some time has passed and Ingress game got many valuable enhancements. Power Cubes full of precious XM, new mighty shields, 5 new mods and so on.

Previous are here, here, here and here

But we still can help Niantic to make it even better by providing feedback and ideas.

11) Pickle XM to Power Cubes


Power Cubes are great, especially as new mods and shields strike you hard and your inventory can be drained quickly.

And I believe, many of you wondered, why can’t we pack excessive XM for future use, while walking in a high XM density area? In other words, create own Power Cubes as a preparation for a battle. This seems very logical and helps to balance fighting with those new +30 mitigation Shields and Force Amps.

Ingress XM

12) Personal Mod to increase scanner radius


This could be a nice option. Rare mod with a limited time of usage that could increase your app radius, say in 1.5 times. This allows you to hack more portals around you and to place resonators even further from the portal.


13) Augmented reality via camera gameplay


Something I do not believe will be done soon, but still my personal thoughts.

When I first saw Ingress trailer I first thought about Layar style application. You point camera on a historic monument and App shows animation around it. In my opinion, this is augmented reality, which eliminates the distinction between the objects and virtual world. This requires brand new 3D animations and new interface.

And to be honest, using camera is not so convenient, though building this ideas into Google Glasses will be amazing.

5 New Ingress Mods For Portals

Ingress Report video revealed new game items — Mods.

Up to now, players could only use Shields, which was apparently not enough for many of us. Remember, we wanted at least Turrets? Our prayers have been heard. Fasten your seat-belts, we are taking off the ground!



Ingress Mod Turret


These ones increase rate of portal attack. Basically, all these lightning attacks, when you fire XMPs, are the same turrets, but now they will be much more active. Not sure if they fire just when you pass by, but this is logical.

Update: Portal attacks 2 times faster and a bit harder


Heat Sink


Ingress Mod Heat Sink


Should be something related to portal burn-out time. Either decrease portal burnout duration or timeframe between hacks. Or probably increase hack number before burnout.

Update: Descreases time between hacks. -20% every other Heat Sink. So, 4 Heat Sinks will allow you to make 4 hacks in 6 minutes, instead of 15


Force Amplifier


Ingress Mod Force Amplifier

 Amplifies something like portal strength or field durability.

Update: Amplifies overal portal strength by 2


Link Amplifier


Ingress Mod Link Amplifier

 This one affects links. Probably, length of the link or its effect on the portal strength.

Update: Increases distance of the link – up to 3 times! So, L8 portal should theoretically link across 1200 miles or 1970 km around


Multi Hack


Ingress Mod Multi Hack

 Hack portal more times or faster than each 5 minutes. Similar to Heat Sink Mod.

Update: This adds 8 additional hacks before burnout (12 total)


Overall, there are many questions still but soon exact function of those new Mods will be tested and reported. Just wait for the next Ingress app update

Ingress Portal Attack Simulator

Those of you playing Ingress game probably want to build a better strategy, while attacking bunch of enemy portals, don’t you?

There is a special web tool, which makes it quite easy to plan future attacks and simulate the results of using XMPs. It is called IPAS – Ingress Portal Attack Simulator and is totally web-based application.

There are huge customization options. You can set each individual resonator, place its location around the portal, put shields, if any. Then choose XMP, place “yourself” in the field and fire!

The result will be calculated for both Portal Health and Resonator percentage. Multiple formulas can be used for the result, though I am not sure, which one is the most realistic.

Another interesting feature is the heatmap for the chosen XMP. It shows the damage area and colors it according to the radius around your firing position.

The only thing this application lacks, IMHO, is the calculation of player’s XM energy level. As you know, firing XMPs costs you XM and the higher XMPs the more energy it consumes. This can be critical in the field.

But it is already a valuable tool for every serious player, whether you are Enlightened or from the Resistance.

Ingress Portal Attack Simulator

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